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Jabo Wars Rage...

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It’s so funny!

It really wasn’t that long ago I was selling marbles I didn’t even know what they were. Today, there are marbles in such abundance it’s hard to know, let alone practice anything like an exact science behind identifying all of the makers and kinds, especially with the advent of nicknames, and manufacturers who bought another manufactures product and sold them under their brand name. Otehrs who dug up marbles the manufacturers thought were junk, and the influx of Vacor, Japanese, Chinese, German, etc…

I don’t know Dave McCullough, or Steve Sturtz or Rick Hall, or Jim King or any of the modern wizards and wheeler dealers of Jabo Experimental fame. I have spoken to some of them (all except Dave.) All of them have been kind and generous to me, as well as direct and honest as far as I can tell.

I own a few thousand vintage marbles. I collect Silver Oxbloods, Peltier Peerless, Vitro Cats, as well as anything unusual which catches my eye. In addition I collect and sell Jabo marbles.

I have a few hundred Joker I, Joker II, Joker III, FoxFires, Ultras, Rainbows (Partner,) Tributes several runs, and any others I believe are worth my time photographing and selling.

I’m 45, which makes me a junior here (well mostly) but like most I loved playing marbles as a kid, and recall those days fondly. My appreciation for the glass makers, manufacturers and the history of American marble making is limited to the stories, antidotes and findable facts which are being produced today for our crowd. I which I had the time a resources to venture further into the fray to learn even more. I’ll be blessed to survive into my 70’s and have a usable income to continue my journey.

Recently as the color and beauty of the Jabo Experimental runs has increased, so have the hems and haws of some community members. They seem to think the new marbles are devaluing the vintage marbles which they believe are being copied, solely for the sake of reproducing what have become among collectors considered the more valuable marbles. I can’t really argue against the case they make, I see the bad guys trying to dupe buyers by seeding newer with older marbles.

But, let not lose site of the fact we are talking about marbles. Why does anyone make a sellable item? For money. Why do unknowledgeable sellers, buyers, and collectors mistake one marble for another? Lots of reasons. Why do some collectors pay $1000+ for a particular marble?

1. Because they can

2. Because the marble is perceived as that valuable to the buyer (I would never pay that much; well if I hit the mega lotto I might just buy all I can and hold them ransom. And stick my tongue out at you all -LOL)

3. Because the marbles are awesome!

Why do some collectors pay only $40 for a single marble? All the same reasons.

Zaboo posted they offered $395 for a Jim King Oxblood, thinking it was Vintage Akro! Guess what folks, he made four boxes, if a third were exactly like that one, they are still rare, and remarkable enough to have garnered a $400 offer based on photographs alone. Was there a confusion, apparently so, but what if just for kicks it turns out in the end Jim was wrong, that was a SUPER Rare Akro one of a kind, and it just happened to look like one of a group that Dave McCullough produced for Jim King, and everybody is wrong. Now that would be a hoot! (this is a what if situation) I mean if Dani could mistake it for Akro in hand and have doubts, then isn’t the opposite possible? Why did they offer $400 for the marble in the first place? Because they believed it was something which in their estimation had a $400 value. Once they became convinced the marble was not Akro, suddenly it was valueless. OK, it’s still just as beautiful. But the perception changed, and was pursued and verified as veracity.

Why do some folks get so upset about look a likes, devaluation and so forth-

1. Because they can.

2. Because they perceive that the vintage marble is more valuable.

3. Because the marbles are awesome!

Maybe a 4 here: Fear the loss in value of what they perceive as more valuable. They fear they will be fooled into loving a newer marble which is just as good as the old glass they esteem so high. But are not willing to pay the same kind of money for.

There are is correlation between all marble collectors, buyers, sellers, makers, and the like. There is a good probability that within 100 – 200 years, all the marbles old and new will be underground, as well all of us. OR absent us will be collecting dust, melting in an explosive heat.

The forums are just our opportunity to stand on our soapboxes and spout off what we think, we feel, and what consumes (at least in part) a portion of our short lives. I love all the marbles, old and new. If I could afford the mega great CACs and MFCs I would. I would photograph them then send them back on their way and hopefully make a profit doing it. That way I can afford a coffin when my time comes, and I go to be with the LORD!

Blessings all!

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