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Jiggs Comic?


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Anyone notice this comment at Marbleforum.org?

On the Pelt Comics page, someone asked about a Jiggs comic marble.

I recently acquired on a local auction, a marble which appears to be a Peltier with a comic figure of Jiggs. It was among four other Peltier marbles with the standard characters: Ko Ko, Andy Gump, Skeezix, and Moon. Does anyone know anything about this Jiggs marble?

Jiggs was an old strip character.

Is Jiggs on the Marble King repros?

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Any indication as to size?

I quoted the whole commment. Perty much all they said was it looked like a Pelt . . . and it came with some other comics.

edit: oops, I didn't see yours when I posted yesterday Dan. Mystery was already solved then and I didn't know it. Thanks.

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I was thinking Bennett but I couldn't remember his name. Most of his were right around 3/4". Just didn't recall the characters it was so long ago that I bought a couple boxes from him. I can remember though calling him and his wife in the background saying yes about the boxes being available. I believe he has died. If anyone knows to the contrary please resurrect the poor man! Unfortunately I do not have the boxes anymore. David

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Found the answer I think. I found an old print out of a Guernsey comic box that kstump was showing on his website back in 2000. My print out is dated Feb. 15, 2001.

It's a cool gold box with 12 picture marbles - Jiggs, Maggie, a clown, swans, duck, a cavalier, Santa Claus, Pinkie, a Currier & Ives blue scenic, a monkey, a Russian dude, and a really cool "Cambridge Glass - Est. 1901" script marble.

I remember a Kevin Stump from the old forums. Same guy?

Anyways, he valued the marbles and box at $30.00

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