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W V M C C Show And Mr. Marbles

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I met someone at the WVMCC show and slept with him on the very first night we met. We spent the whole night together. I picked him up right near the Cracker Barrel restaurant. It was love at first sight for me but he wasn't so sure and he tried to run. It took some doing, but I finally convinced him that I was the lady he needed. I hauled him straight back to my motel room.

Although he was shorter than me and hairier than I like them, quite unkempt and smelly, and definitely what most women would call a real dog, I will never forget him.

I am still heartbroken and still crying. He lived with another woman and couldn't leave her.

I love you and miss you my sweet Mr. Marbles :(

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my sweet Mr. Marbles. Seems he belonged to one of the ladies who worked at the motel. I met her at the elevator the next morning as I was going outside to let Mr. Marbles do his bathroom thing.

Anyways, she said "That's my dog. Where did you get my dog"? She said his name and he immediately went to her and started whining. Seems he had run away from home after a bath and didn't have his collar on.

She lived quite a ways from her motel job and the way it all happened was amazing.

Joe and I had stopped the truck in the middle of the busy highway to rescue Mr. Marbles from traffic and sure death. We actually saw him almost get hit several times.

I hope he's safe and happy. He was a wonderful little fellow.



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Its all true!! I was there, broke the poor girls heart! It was nice meeting you Gail, and what a outstanding marble collection you brought! hope you made it home safe. Thanks for the Vitros. Hope to see everybody soon!


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A HAPPY ending to a nice story !!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Gail and Joe! One of many nice happenings during the WVMCC show. You had to be there. Lots of special awards and several days of hugs and SMILES. It was especially nice to see Lawrence Alley's grandson playing marbles on the floor with a youngster just getting into marbles. Someday he may realize who was helping him play marbles. It was a great time seeing old friends again and meeting more new ones.

THANKS to all,for the work that made this possible. THANK YOU to everyone who supported it,without that there would be no get together.

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