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Some Pictures From The Odyssey Run

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I wanna call the first one"Our Gang".--"Sprinkles at work"


More of the "mad scientist"--------------Big John Ives,mashing some goldstone(lutz)


Big John,,,,,,,,Black,odyssey glass---Hollywood and Richard,getting ready to put the machine in place.


Walt,Big John,and Scott Kanneg(hot foot) tending the shutes,,,Ed Parsons,and Hollywood,"keepin an eye",,


A couple of pics,from Daves Family,Memorial day cook out.Its nice to be around people,who feel like family.Especialy

when you cant be home with family.



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It sure looks like y'all had a great time, thank you for sharing Griff and Ron (for pictures).

Looks like a lotta Fab stuff came out too...singles and boxed sets...even some Griff specials are out there:


(Love that wine one)

:-) Felicia

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