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Check Out The Price On This One.... Wow!

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I agree the pictures aren't great, but enlarging them helps and they don't look "ruff" to me. Anything over 11/16 on a GR usually brings high bucks. That said, you can buy a really nice refrigerator for that amount of money. (Just a bit of female perspective.)

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What does "mint+" mean? Better than perfect?

Smity: Since I see a lot of Ebay marbles described as "9.8 wet mint... with a few micro-nicks, light wear and two blowholes" - I suppose that "mint" doesn't mean anything anymore and some enterprising capitalists have invented the "Mint+" grade.

Soon to come will be:

> Super Mint

> Extra Minty

> Mint Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

I shake my head ruefully at the sliding grading standards.


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Mint marbles are graded 9.0-9.9 (Mint Minus is 9.0-9.2 and
Mint Plus is 9.7-9.9);
Near Mint marbles are graded 8.0-8.9 (Near Mint Minus is 8.0-8.2 and Near Mint Plus is 8.7-8.9); and Good marbles are graded 7.0-7.9 (Good Minus is 7.0-7.2 and Good Plus is 7.7-7.9). Finally, Poor (called "Collectible" by others) marbles would be graded 0.1 to 6.9, though few people would attempt to place an exact numeric value on a marble falling in this wide range. I assume a "0" marble would be mere dust!


Well known publisher and collector

I never throw stones at "enterprising capalists" whahahahah!!


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