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O/t- Just Seen At Local Auction

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I know this probably isnt new but i havent stopped thinking about this since i previewed a local auction,, i saw a colman lantern that had a remote control,, bahahahahahahahahaha,, jeepers thats funny,, ive seen remote control air conditioners, remote ceiling fans(my bro has one) remote car stereos, remote everything but a remote control lantern,, am i the only one that finds this funny,, just sayin,,what a way to put "lazy" in a hobby that requires you to huff and puff adrenalin to do it,, bj


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Mmmmmm, I think I can see logic here...

If your in a tent or camper and you hear noises outside? It may be wiser to remotely click on the light, than to step outside and confront a bear!!! LOL

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