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Speaking Of Intriguing Boxes


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If it were from here, I would have thought "wrong". I don't have much to compare it to though from Argentina. How would I know what boxes would have looked like in, say, the 1950's?

The other marbles I saw from them were mis-IDed. Said to be 1950's though at most half were. But maybe they didn't know.


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Oh hey, I just checked their feedback and see another box. The plot thickens. The marbles in this 2nd box are ID-ed as Japanese, and 1940's, though again with an unprofessional looking label.

The marbles do look like they could be 1940's Japanese tho.


He's not making much money on them. What if they're real and he quits selling because they're not profitable. What might we miss out on seeing!

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