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has anyone heard from Ponkochan (Liz) since the end of July? i've sent several emails and she hasnt answered and she ALWAYS answers the. she lives in Atlanta GA and they had that real bad storm the end of July.......

if anyone knows how to reach her or ask a Atlanta newspaper.....


whats the name of that marble board she has?

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Hi Marie,

The marble board is MARVELOUS MIBS(With a 'v'). I'm sure you will get an answer over there if not here. I got the impression that she was taking a sabbatical from the board but that could have been someone else. I really have not posted at Marvelous Mibs for at least half a year; maybe longer. David

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On a related note, Rainbo wanted to say hi but he couldn't find your page.

sorry Sweeties, i was not feeling very well the other night (thought it was the end) and i didnt want any nose trouble around here. guess i'd best jump back in huh? lol

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