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Kokomo Show, September 2010


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Hello everyone, its been a while since Ive made it to a show. Fortunately for me the good ole Indiana Marble Club puts on two shows a year, one in Indianapolis and one in Kokomo. As usual the show was great. Here are a few pictures and comments.

1. Some of the folks that make it happen. Club President, Beth Morris.

2. Greg Morris and his young marble collecting protégé.

3. Kim W, Kim is the clubs Secretary.

4. And last but not least, Mike A. Mike is the clubs VP. On a side note, I always wonder what people at the hotels think when they see a bunch of people walking around with pistol cases.


5. Some of the folks attending the show. Here we have Dick Goddard hamming it up.

6. Larry is a collector that is interested in Chinas.

7. Here we have a lady named Rhonda. Rhonda was Steve S. around anywhere? I know you usually have to remind him when its time for the show :)

8. Eddie W. hanging out in Chucks room.


9. Art The Jokester Jones.

10. The white marble in the lower right says Over the Hill on it. For some reason Art thought that I looked like I needed it so he gave it to me. Thanks Art :)

11. Some of Arts marbles.

12. Art had several boxes at the show. Here is a nice Akro box.


13. I look forward to seeing Bud & Lonnie at the shows. They always seem to be enjoying their selves.

14. Some of the marbles they had on display.

15. And some more…

16. And a few more.


17. Chuck and Eddie.

18. Some of Chucks marbles. The big Bengal Tiger was a knockout.

19. For the Vitro fans.

20. A nice case of $5 marbles, there were some real deals in there.


21. Dale DeHart.

22. The Twins, Ive shown these marbles before. Mike Adams wrote a great article about them that you can read HERE.

23. Some more of Dales marbles.

24. Here are some more of Dales hand mades.


25. Dan Crocki and an unnamed collector.

26. Some of Dans large selection of marbles.

27. And another tray…

28. And some more.


29. The folks from Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company were there.

30. They brought some of their new marbles with them.

31. From what I understand the marbles were manufactured on Jabo machines using KOG company glass.

32. They had some nice sets put together for reasonable prices. If you would like to contact them through their website HERE.


33. Friday evening before the show, from the right. Koko Ken, Rick, Dan and a gentleman that I failed to get his name.

34. The dug Kokomos that they were looking at.

35. Mike Meade.

36. Mike had an interesting thing going on. He had made box sets of all the Jabo runs. I think that he excluded the tank washes but each box contains seven rows of five marbles from each run. He currently has 42 runs represented and is selling them as a collection. If you want his contact info e-mail me.


37. George Sourlis and a herd of young marble collectors.

38. A couple of really nice marbles that George brought (bottom two).

39. George showing the kids the wonders of magnification.

40. Next kid looking through Georges famous magnifyers.


41. Beth giving Rocki her raffle prize. The club had a free raffle of very nice items that were donated by the vendors.

41. My daughter with her raffle winnings.


If you made it to the end thank you for taking the time to check it out! Also thanks to Indiana Marble Club as well as all of the vendors and collectors for a great show.

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dr.trj, it was great fun! Thanks for the comment. Rocki, it was very nice meeting you. Marble shows are great and this one seemed to attract a lot of new collectors. The opportunities to learn at shows is incredible and the people are really nice, even to people like me who come along dragging a pack of marble mooching kids :) Thanks again, Joe

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