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Deceased Father In Laws Childhood Marbles

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I received an old glass cookie jar full of my deceased father in laws childhood marbles, he played when he was youngster. He graduated high school in 1958 so I am guessing that the marbles are from the late 1940's. I have done a little research on some of them and see that there maybe a few of substantial value. Is there anyplace in Ohio I can have them looked at by someone with more knowledge about them? Any help will be appreciated. I have attached a few pictures of some of them, there are more.





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Sorry it has taken so long to get back ....I did learn it is pretty hard to get a good picture of a marble with the camera I have. I hope you can tell me something about a few of these. I have attached the best picture i could get.If the pictures not good enough let me know wich ones you think could use closer looking at and I will try getting a single picture of that marble alone.Thanks Again


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