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Vitro, Or Jabo?

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I thought, and listed these as Vitro.

Opinions are okay, but I'd like to find someone who has seen, and knows these marbles.

I got them from a guy who bought them along with a bunch of Vitros that were supposedly dug. He did have some Jabos too, but I've seen a bunch of Jabo runs, employee collections, and more, and never saw these. It doesn't help that if they are Jabo, they have the Vitro look to them. The sizes from the whole bunch not listed on ebay, range from a hair over 5/8", to 7/8".

Some are patch, and ribbon, and others have the swirl. Not that it matters too much, considering the same machines were used.

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They are definitely vitro. I have those marbles. They look like bullseyes except for the base glass. The base glass on these is opaque, but the patches are the same colors as the bullseyes.

Some of them have "v's" and some have patches like eyes. I have the green and the blue ones. I've never seen one in purple like the bullseye purple color.

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