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Lessons For The New And Old Collectors


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I bought this marble a while back from a reputable dealer. It is a really nice 3/4" tricolor CAC. However under black light you will notice the two green fluorescent spots. Those represent a polymer that was put into chips and then smoothed out. While the seller gave me a full refund with no problems (and I trust his not knowing about the polymer), I took pictures meaning to educate new collectors and old if they have never seen this before. This could have been a very expensive lesson.......so always have your black light and accept you dont know everything! :) Please feel free to add lessons or just identification tips of your own





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Isn't that wild!?

I've heard a little about different types of light being used for forensic purposes,

and have enjoyed using a black light on 'glowers' for display purposes, but never thought

of putting it all together and doing a 'crime scene investigation' on a marble.

Cool concept. Thanks! ( :

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The polymer was for what, just a repair? Making the marble look a little better?

If that's the case, I actually like the repair. It's a nice way of saying "I want to make this marble look better, but I also want it to be obvious that it's been altered." Of course, that only works if you tell people what you've done. :P

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Here are my thoughts for marble collectors to help reduce your chance of being bilked by a less than honest transaction

• Buy and read current marble books.

• Attend marble shows, meet collectors and ask plenty of questions. (The best way to understand any marble is to hold it in your hand!)

• Watch marble chat rooms to keep up on scoundrels, trends and


Mix acquired knowledge with a measure of caution and over time you should be able to develop appraisal skills and a sense about most

situations, sellers and their claims.

Experience has shown me that:

• Most marbles are neither as mint nor rare as sellers claim.

• Build your collection on quality not quantity. One killer mint marble

is much easier to display, transport or sell than Mason jars full of

less than perfect but similar - “examples.”

• Market trends and prices can change quickly.

• Unwise purchases are usually made by the uninformed who are in a hurry.

A chilling but true observation - The real people who will profit most from your collection will probably be your widow and her next husband.

Just my opinion ...

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