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Happy Chinese New Year! Fun Stuff Here!!


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Here's a link that explains these beautiful 'monkeyshine' balls we found. We are avid hunters of these. It's become a tradition here, a family one at that. we all go out in the cold, sometimes rain and sleet, endure the elements and hunt across the city for hours for these! The bottom picture is one of the glass medallions. we only found one of these, hopefully in the days to come we might find another.(keeping fingers crossed!)enjoy!



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Wow, those are KEWL! You'd mentioned that tradition before. It's great to see what they look like.

To find even one in a city that size but all of those. I'm seriously impressed. I would be the one who thought they'd be all gone so what was the point in hunting.

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lol steph. it's not easy by any means. I hate to admit I was up for 30 hours doing this. obsessed? yes!

hubby found some I found a couple, but I haven't found the medallion yet! only Ernie got one. I went out again this morning for a little while, but it's cold and wet, and I am still tired from the last couple days. sleep was good thing last night!

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