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Akro Blood And Bones


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Hmmmm. Well those are two totally different examples haha. That's ok because those are two of the candidates I had in mind as well. I also have another one that might work? I'll get some pics. So far we are thumbs up on them needing to glow.

Any more thoughts or candidates out there? I zapped my Red Onyx types and found none that glowed.

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I don't think the Blood and Bones type necessarily corks. They're almost swirly types.

Hi is this what you call Blood and Bones type ? they do glow a little under a black light but not like a ade marble . These are all dug marbles and are the closest I could get to corks when picking from a pile of them . stright from the Akro dig . Mike









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Well my pics of my examples sucked. Blew a bulb and can't seem to get them to come out right with just one. Looking at what I wanted to take pic of and compairing them to what is up already I would have to say that they are the same as examples shown. My third candidate I ruled out since when i got it in the bright sun it has a greenish hue in the white, I don't think bones are green so it's out.

So that leaves us with 3 candidates. Andreas examples that follow the trans red base with glowing white/creamy ribbon. Mike and Dans examples look pretty close to me and follow the creamy glowing base with deep red. Finally there is Marbos example that has the red and white and glow aspects. So where does that leave us? Anyone remember who named them at the time?

Dernie the one you just sold is one kick-ass marble. If I was paying attention to the bay right now I would have been all over that one. Sure fits the bill of an Onyx with a glowing ribbon. Is it a Blood and Bones though? Can't beleive you've never heard of one. I think the name has been around for close to 10 years now.

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