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Peltier Pearlize Peerless Patch

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After multiple attempts to sell this baby - I finally quit caring and put it in a group of marbles up for auction:



get it cheap. others will be coming this weekend -I will be selling my big 1" MKs and my set of character marbles soon too.

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It does not have any chips - but it does have some surface fractures - no missing glass though.

Its the same marble that Peltiermarbles.com has up as an example of a Pelt Pearlized Patch. I sent them the images when I collected it. So buy it. Then you can collect it.

how much $$$ would you take to end the auction or what was the price at which it did not sell ?? I bid twice all ready . and why not put in the pics that show the fractures ??? MIKE

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....lolol....good old marble connection....a marble is worth what it sells for on a given day...once again i say throw them values in the books away...there maybe thousands found since the author tried to sell his one peerless patch...the buyer determines the value of a marble its up to the seller if he wants to sell it...my philosophy...buy low...sell high...lolol...its not buy high- sell higher....good luck with yer auction..dont hollor about mike hollerin...lolol...

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