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Went To The Auction, Bought Some Nice Mibs And Lost Some


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Kind of disappointed lost out on box of 100 Akro slags, bowed out at 300. Bowed out at 100 on 20 count gift box of Akro Corks. Bowed out on a 1 inch sulfide dog at 45 but I don't believe it was antique, it just didn't look right to me so didn't want to risk it. The marbles were all in a glass case and in baggies so didn't get to examine everything that well. Will post pics later today or tomorrow of what was won and what may be up for sale. I got the cutest 31 pee wee swirls (latticino/solid core/everything imaginable) and is Howie's favorites, nice 1 inch German solid core swirl, etc. Just had a great time. For a preview I won everything marble related except the 2 akro boxes and the sulfide. http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=1045776&category=0&zip=49058&kwd=marbles


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It was me against another guy on both in 25 increments. He got the slags for 325 and I didn't want to go to 350. From my research I think they are only worth about 500 but could be way off. I don't really collect machine mades like handmades. Akro corkscrews went for 125. Wife would kill me if I spent too much but would have liked to have went to 350 on the slags. It sucked because was 10 percent buyers premium plus 6 percent Michigan sales tax as well.

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Howie wanted me to post his favorites, these are all keepers for us. I thought 55 was a pretty good deal when you added them all up together just for these lots.

31 pee wees that are about .48 inch. Large 1.25in solid core. 7/8ths divided core. 1 blue based glass that is a hair over 3/4's and then a 5/8ths latticino core in there as well . Will be needing help with ID's on some machinemades and will post later in the id thread. We had a blast.


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