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  1. Hi John. That is a beautiful case marble. Laura in Traverse City
  2. hillfrost

    What Else Do You Collect Besides Marbles

    HI Steph. It was interesting to see your collection of gumball and cracker jack items because I still have mine from when I was a kid. I collect way too many things, many are varieties of plants that I like. However, I am particularly fond of my marbles. Laura
  3. hillfrost

    Captain's Marble Auction

    Thank you. I hope she sees this and will contact me.
  4. hillfrost

    Captain's Marble Auction

    I'm glad to see some information on this auction. I wanted to go but couldn't even though I live in Michigan. It would have been good just to meet with some other collectors, which I can't seem to locate up here(Traverse City). It did seem from the marble photographs that there were several with condition issues, but I wish I could have actually seen them. Darn.
  5. hillfrost

    New Gallery Started! Bernie`s Mibs

    Wonderful marbles. Thanks for posting them. I particularly like clambroths so it was great to see such a variety of colors and combinations. Wow.
  6. I really enjoyed this topic because it was so informative. I rarely comment, but I felt this was one of those times I just had to express my appreciation of this site. It helps those of us who live in areas where there seem to be very few good marbles available and even fewer collectors to keep up our excitement in the hobby. Thanks. Laura
  7. hillfrost

    Happy Birthday Dani

    Hi Dani, Happy Birthday! Laura S.
  8. I would have liked to have gone to the auction, but it's a three hour drive south of here and snowy. What was the condition of the clambroths? Did you get them?
  9. hillfrost

    Black Mist Lutz

    Wow! I love those. What a great find.
  10. Hi. I live in Northern Michigan and have been collecting for a few years. I heard that there used to be a marble club in downstate Michigan and that there were shows. I don't know of any now. I wish there were a club because it would be great to visit with other collectors. It is possible that there are some collectors who meet informally to buy and sell marbles. If anyone knows of a group, please share the information. Thanks.
  11. hillfrost

    A Few Nice Akron Pavers

    Hi, Thanks for posting the great marble pictures. They really inspire me and reaffirm my love for this hobby. It can get a little discouraging when there are few collectors nearby and no clubs anywhere close. I rarely post, but I couldn't pass up a chance to add a comment here. Laura
  12. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I live in the Traverse City area. I keep looking for marble related items or anything regarding marble history. I did see that there was once a fairly important marble tournament here.
  13. hillfrost

    Super Bowl Giveaway

    I didn't see that 24 has been taken yet, so I will try that. Laura
  14. I just read your post about Michigan and marbles. Since I am a marble collector living in Northern Michigan, I am also interested in anything marble related with a Michigan twist. If I can be of help, let me know.
  15. Great idea. Thanks for suggesting it.