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Thanks All Who Did Not Show Up .

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Thanks to all who did not show up .

Antique / Collectible Auction

Wednesday, March 16th,

5:30 pm start / Preview 4:00 pm

Dousman Community Center



yes a big thanks to fellow marble collectors in WI but this is the whole story , I went to make sure it was a nice marble it got bagged with two others , a very nice mint yellow lat about 29/32 but as clean as they get then a 1 3/16 caged solid core caged and a round pontil but got carried away with the area that was ground ,also it must have sat in a window sill for 50 years as it is a sun aged color .

I also got 5 claw feet with marbles a set of 4 and one big one .

I place a bid and left but no call that night well now Friday the bell rings and here is Carrol with the box full saying why don't I answer the phone . well I won both auctions but the were calling the wrong number . Well there home now and hand delivered . Mike







My final cost was $137 but Carrol did not have any change and I was so excited I dropped an even $150.00 as it was way less that my high bids would have been , as I always say lucky in LOVE lucky in life Mike

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Cool feet. Were those from a table or chair or?

The big claw foot was most likely from a large dining room table, not the biggest as I have a mold marble that is 3" in dia and I think that must be from a piano , the set of four are most likely from a bed room or living room table . I have a piano stool and the feet are a little smaller ., . I listed the one on ebay link below. Mike

ebay auction claw foot marble

also a picture of the big 3incher .




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