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Egg Yoke?

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I found this marble in a shop. Loved it and the color. Didn't cost much, maybe $3.- bucks or less. Again, the color is wonderful and it has this faint clear streak thru it that at first glance makes you think there is a crack in it, but it's not. Just wondered if anyone has seen one just like it and has any info on it. I sorta new to collecting marbles. thx


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"Egg yolk" for marble collectors seems to be as much about who made the marble as about the color. There are lots of marbles with yellow but only a few types which are labeled as egg yolk.

Here's an example of an Akro egg yolk oxblood.


Here is an older handmade marble with egg yolk.


Both of these pix came from Morphy auctions.

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The original marble pictured, if it is in the range of 5/8 inch diameter, would be a basic game marble made by several companies for games like Chinese Checkers. A lot of them do have cool patterns even though they are supposed to be a basic one color, usually opaque, marble. Many are not opaque, especially ones from Vitro, but they are still game marbles. Here's a pic of some odd Vitro game marbles.


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You know how on the rare occasion you'll break open a fresh egg and it will be slightly bloody, well the left side of this marble exhibits that. I think it was a fertilized marble! Anyway, that red sheen on the side definitely gives it a sunshine appearance so I can see why this fellow especially likes the marble even if it turns out to just be a game marble. I have some chinese checker marbles in the box that have a row of marbles that are absolutely outrageous....it can happen when all they're aiming for is a simple, one color marble distinguished from the other colors. David

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