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Houze Schooner Slag Glass Lamp Help

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Hello, does anyone know anything about these ship lamps? The base is glass and the sails are metal. Not really sure of the maker but someone suggested Houze Glass.

This pic isn't mine but it is almost exactly the same ship-lamp as mine. Only difference is that mine has colorful swirls on a translucent clambroth-looking base and resembles the swirlful slag glass on the art deco period smoking stands. I can't get to my ship lamp to take a picture (packed up somewhere) but I will soon.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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it looks as if yours might have a lil bit more bling bling,, but nailing down a certain manufacure is tough w/o makers marks,, their just called TV lamps,, good book good read,, alot of these came from Sears, so if you can nail down a Sears catalog from the 50's you might get more info,, hope this helps,, bj

post-127-130681246006_thumb.jpg post-127-13068125332_thumb.jpg

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I have quite a bit of Houze glass items, but have only seen the schooner in an original Houze glass advertisement. It was only by itself with no ship or lamp parts attached, just a bowl type of item. Awesome piece!


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