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Charles Stutsman

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My name is Mark Stutsman and i am a proud grandson to Charles Stutsman Sr. I am in awe that so many years after his death, and his dealing in marbles that he is still mentioned. I grew up spending alot of time with him in the marble shed. I spent so many hours stuffing boxes and bags, and counting , and washing marbles! I'm sure alot of you on here have signifiacnt collections, but have never personally seen a collection of marbles greater then what he had. It was just an amazing sight to see. My dad also dabbled in marbles for awhile, his name also was Charles Stutsman, but he was the Jr. I carry the love that both my Dad and Grandpa had for marbles and glasswork. My Grandpa also had the largest paperweight collection i have ever witnessed. I remember the trips to W.V. to the marble factories and such. Bringing back a truck load of marbles and bags and labels and boxes of boxes! LOL, i miss those times. I have my own small collection of marbles and such, and still have some of the old price lists and catalogs, and marbles.

Thanks to all of you that have dealt with my Granpa over the years, and still mention his name in dealings. He truly was the Marble Man to me, his life was marbles!

Thanks ,Mark Stutsman

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