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English Caged Fat Core

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Had a machine made marble I liked, id'd as possibly a Bogard cat, so searched more and found an article "C.E. Bogard & Sons Cat Eye". In the article it compared some to "English caged fat core" which I have not heard of and there was no pic to compare with. Have since had info that there is a pic of one in "Castle & Petersons book on Cat's-eyes" but I don't have access to a copy.

No connection to the "English Color" solid core type hand mades from Germany (very nice I collect them), but also have no idea how they came by the "English" name.

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Here's the pic from Castle & Peterson's book and the short write-up about it. Both titled oddballs. Remember this book was put together in the mid 1990's when cat's-eyes were just starting to be looked at. They did their research, which was very thorough at the time but they did not have all the great information that has come out since.



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Could these be the type in the pic on the right from the book? I keep them as a sub-type of German sparklers, 1"harsh light post-1776-130920967731_thumb.jpg1" subdued lightpost-1776-130920973383_thumb.jpg1"morepost-1776-130920986374_thumb.jpg10/16thspost-1776-130920992689_thumb.jpg

If it is these, the name "English caged fat core" is not too far out for a good name. Certainly a fat core, not obviously caged, could have been exported more/only to England?

It was the Bogard Cat article that arouse my interest, but they look more like a cross between a Vitro Conq and a Pelt Sunburst, than one of these.

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My first pic- is I think,the right pic- of the book.

I have found here an incredible number of different Sparkler types,also with one fat core,although I think that you can find them more easely in England.

It's quite possible that you can find other types in England than I can find here.Do you think they're all made in Germany?



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That top one sure looks like the one on the right in the book to me, Winnie

Me too, thanks guys (mine are less similar for sure). Winnie's one looks exactly the same and matches the description and pic from the exerts shown from the book. Looks like the English connection was only made in the description "English caged fat core" from the article I read, have not found any here.

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