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A collector asked me to look at this earlier when it was sitting at about 1300. I had no problem with the authenticity of the marble. However, I did consider "has a few flea bites" a bit of a stretch. The marble has one area of multiple hits, as well as over tiny chips, pits and scratches. You would expect this one to have a ground pontil, but you can't tell from the two bottom pontil photos whether or not it does. Probably just the camera angle.

If, in hand, it graded in the low 8's, I think that would be being kind.

My advice at that time was that it was a bit high at 1300. At 1800, I'd be pulling my couple of damaged ones out of my collection and selling them in a heartbeat.

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Thanks Bob.

Had no particular thoughts, That1. I guess some places sort of looked burnt to me. But I don't usually look that closely at handmades so it was probably normal glass variations but I was only noticing them for the first time.

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