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Sunburst Look Alike


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These foreigns are 15/16.

Some are made rough but there are some well made examples.

Most have tinted base glass but theire are also clear based ones.

They have a visible cut-off line almost the same as on the Japanese transi's.

I think they're from the 70s.

The construction resembles the Sunbursts.

Anybody familiar with this type?



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About a year and a half ago, someone on Ebay offered some marbles

that he said were made in France in the 1960's. Some of them had

the word "BONUX" or "AJAX" printed on them. I didn't record the size,

but they were very similar.


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PlanB,mine are not that sparkler type,i have a few of them but they differ from the ones i posted.

Zig,Thats a new type for me,nice!!

The ones I've posted have a solid lobed "vane or core",there are no open spaces.


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I was under the assumtion your marbles were all one and the same type,now that i look closer at the blue red one on the right,I think it could be the same type as my marbles.

What size it is?

So far I found them only in the 15/16 size.

Here you can see there are no open spaces in the strands,some of them have more than 2 colors.


The ones i have (exept for 1) do have white in them.

Some of them have thin translucent stripes on the surface.

I'm amazed every time how many different Sunburst -Sparkler type's there are.,I don't know how else i should call them.


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Thanks Zig,mine are different from yours.

Mine are made rough,they have 2 visible cut offs ans some have cold roll's on the surface.

Maybe these were not imported by England,or you have not found them yet.Maybe England has imported marbles that can't be found in Holland.


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not sure if these fit in this thread but i have some mibs that look very similar,loaded with aventurine and what looks like oxblood,i picked them up from England a couple of years ago together with a bunch of wirepulls and German S/Ts.a little rough but look cool in an old jabo box..Hayden.


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