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Marble Documentary

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okay I need some help here. There's a group of people shooting a documentary about marble playing/collecting and they are looking for footage or any kind of old marble material, whether it's film, newspapers, or memorabilia. If its old footage (preferably) they will be able to transfer it over to digital. Please let mw know if you have ANY and I mean ANY info on where to find some of this material.


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I'd contact the VFW.

Don't know if they have any intact films but it wouldn't hurt to ask. They made one or more marble films to show at their meetings. I remember reading about it once.

I think I might have seen references to two separate films.

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The Marble Hall of Fame in Wildwood, NJ might have something: it's located at the Chamber of Commerce on Pacific Avenue. GWTIDA might be the ones to contact about that... you can send them something at http://www.wildwoodsnj.com/contact-the-wildwoods.cfm . They'll have lots of what you want there.

Marble King has done some stuff with the media in the past, and my guess is that Jabo has as well. It might be worth it to check with them.

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Here are a few links with movies that contain clips:

At 2:50 min marker...poem and kids shooting marbles 1931


At 13:00 min mark...VFW tournament footage. Robert Altman film from Kansas City 1955


At very beginning kids shooting marbles for a few seconds. 1936


I also have footage from the 1965 Nationals in Wildwood N.J. from the winner. It is in a DVD documentary I made about him and was shown in Amana in 2010. Approx. 20 mins. The video is 5 or 6 minutes.


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Asbury Park N.J. Nationals - shows girl and boy winner. George Wentz from West Virginia.


Tinsley Green 1946 - British Newsreels

Clip Two

National Champ 1941 - British Newsreels

Clip Three

British 1953

Clip 4

Type in marbles in the search on this site. Tons of videos of playing marbles.


More tourney clips:

Clip 5

A few more clips on this site as well.


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