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Speed Racer Scores! Contemporaries Galore!

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I found this wonderful collection today and wanted to show a few out of it to see what you think. Here are some of the treasures in the lot for you to enjoy. These are all around an inch with the one in the middle being 1 3/8. Not sure of some of the makers but I zoomed one of the marks for you. Anyone know who this is?

There are roughly a hundred marbles in the collection from 5/8 to well over 2". I will have to show the rest later, as I am pressed for time tonight. Really thought of you, Edna, when I discovered these. :cool-smileys-262::cool-smileys-262::cool-smileys-262:




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That's quite a mix of boro and soft glass. I don't recognize the sig on the one you showed. There are a lot of latticino's there. Are all of them signed? I might be able to help if I could see them in hand. those latticinios are furnace made and that soft of narrows it down.

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Thank you Edna, I am working late tonight to surprise you tomorrow with the rest of the group.

They are just beautiful, whoever might have done them. The latticino swirls are unsigned.

There are a gazillion lights above in the room I am in and they are casting unwanted reflections on these new pics. Sorry about that. All are in mint condition that I can see, so far.

In addition to the pictures, here are the siggy's I think I see.

RL '01 / EM '98 / DR / DJ / TFS 2001 / JP or TP 2000 / UK / FPS / GFS / & DMF (Douglas Ferguson?)

Thanks for looking. Enjoy.









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Thanks Steph! At least I can say that I have tried it. Reluctant as I was in the beginning to but new mibs, I find that I have fallen in love all over again! Everyone should give this a try.

Now to look at some juicy Jabo's!! Need to see how they really taste before saying I do not care for them either. :music-rocker-001:

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