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Relative Production Levels Of Different Companies At Different Times


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Starting a repository for whatever bits and pieces I come across for marble production by the different companies. I keep thinking I "ought to" so here now I'm starting it. Maybe it will take order some day. Maybe not.

Just one company today. Heaton is the one I was reading about just now.

Heaton Agate Company. Started marble production in 1947. Sold the business to the Bogard family in 1971.

They are said to have used only one machine at a time because of gas shortages but AMMM gives them credit for "millions and millions of marbles" over the life of the company. I guess it adds up!

They had swirls, chinese checker marbles, transparents and cat's eyes. Some marbles went to industrial accounts but not that many. Bogard would later shift the emphasis more to industrial marbles/

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