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Newest Additions During Our Move...

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:rolleye-842: Hi Everyone! We have successfully moved from Ft Irwin CA, to Ft Riley KS...I am happy to be settled, If you are from this area let me know, and I would love to help out with any functions if at all possible. We are now a tad bit closer to civilization as Sharon can attest, and sooooo tickled pink! :cool-smileys-262: Just wanted to give an update and hope to get in touch with any KS locals.

New 1149

From an Antique shop in St. Elmo IL really good deal, super excited

New 1157

New 1160

Gift from a dear friend who is no longer with us, Grizzly Bullard.

New 1163

From an Antique shop outside of Champaign IL

New 1167

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it looks like you have found some neat mibs!!!

In photo #1....I would like to suggest the yellow/blue/green marble is not a Vitro but a modern Marble King.

Thanks, that really sucks, cause I paid the most for it; not knowing, but seeing it with the others having the red, I think you are right! It was advertised as a yellow jacket and I thought, well I don't have one....cool....then I picked up the others a few days later and well; there u have it! Just goes to show how easily we are duped if we don't study up and know our stuff!

I realized to, I need to look at the new stuff out there so I don't get confused or misled again.

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