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Onionskins, Banded Coreless, And Their Relatives

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Fear not, I think this will be my last question for some time; I'm nearing the point of putting my marbles away for a week, month, or maybe another year. :computer-22:

I thought I knew what I had on this one until I started reading the thread on "Joseph's Coat Vs. Onionskin", which included mention of banded coreless, etc. Now.... Well, see that silhouette of a person up there .... lol!

(I did learn that looking at these when submerged in water adds a very interesting dimension to their study!)

So, what are your thoughts on this one? It's 22mm in diameter. I thought onionskin, but I can see through the center (which I'm assuming means it's coreless, but since I'm a true Marble Novice...)


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Onionskin. With the exception of some of the antique German mibs, which are classified as having a certain kind of core (solid core, latticinio core, ribbon core, divided core, etc), most mibs are classified by what they look like on their surfaces. Like this one being an "onionskin" (you can't always see the interior of an onionskin -- the "skin" is super thin and applied over an ordinary clear glass -- and we wern't really meant to see into it).

A coreless swirl, basically, has the kind of outer decorative bands that the "cored" swirls do (latticinio, ribbon, etc.), but with nothing in the center. Hence "coreless." It's a term usually applied just to that kind of old German swirl.

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