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I am looking at a marble in a book. It is described as transparent swirl with 4 lobes. What does lobe mean? I learned to lob grenades in the service so assume it means a path of glass extending from one side or end to the other???If so, must there always be space between the lines (lobes)?

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One dictionary definition is that a lobe is "a rounded projection".

So I think that's what you're looking for with the lobes. 4 lobes being 4 bulges in the core.

I think "lobes" are different from "panels". I mention that because I think I've seen some people describing 4-panel onionskins as 4-lobed onionskins.

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Those onionskin examples show lobes pretty well and yes certain solid cores are also good examples of the pattern. usually with a contrasting colored "ridge" on a white or yellow lobed core.



(some divided core swirls can have what look like lobes as well, most of these are solid cores with 3-4 lobes. note: the outer layer of fine yellow or white "strands" are what makes them non-"naked" examples.)

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