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Someone Please Clue Me In

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Why doesn't everyone stick around for the floor show on Saturday? Seems that all of the deals go down the few nights before the main floor show and most everyone thinks that is it.

I drove up from Austin Saturday morning to set up and was very surprised to see that most buyers had gone home already, deciding not to spend one more night, and skip the main floor show. I had hoped to make it to the room trading but just could not clear my schedule.

If you had stuck around, you would have seen two important collections that arrived late. Check out the Pelt & Masters I bought from two different dealers only available at the floor show. You should have seen what else was in those collections. Everyone got some nice ones on Saturday, to be sure.

Maybe next time? Or business as usual? Sorry I missed seeing some of you.


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I am surprised at that. While the number of walk-in people for the actual show varies around the country, usually the "regulars" come for the in-room trading and, at least, stay for the first half of the show (they may be manning their table). I've gone to only the Texas Show and a spring WV show besides the regular west coast shows in Seattle area, Orange County (L.A.) and Las Vegas. To financially support the show, most regulars at the in-room trading also pay for a table at the show (some of them don't even man a table) but they are there. Unless it is a popular local show, the attendance fee helps just a little towards the oevrall show cost. Just my two-bits.

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It is good to walk the floor of the show at least twice. In Columbus Indiana this summer I circled the show when it opened, then went back to my room to pack. About an hour later, I went back to show and there was a new table occupied. Large german swirls with healthy prices. In the middle of the table was this 1.5 inch sulphide with a nice hen figure in it. the collectors liked German Swirls but didn;t really care for sulphides. I scoped it up for under $400.

Wow! you say for a hen sitting on a nest? Scott, are you nuts?

Guess I forgot to mention the nest was green, the hen's wings were blue, and the tail and beak were black.

Worth staying for the show, twice . :music-rocker-001:

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