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Marble Trophies


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well I have a few and since I had an extra top I had a trophy made . so will ad some pics later of mine and I took some just now but have to down load , I went wild as my dinning and living room is like a trophy of some of my marbles / related . I also have a few saved on the computer but do not own them . till later Mike

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They are prints from Don Grzybowski I have one original pastel from Don but it is a pastel I will start a new topic about marble art . Mike


I have 4 of his prints with the one called Celebration that Don did just for auction with our local ( Milwaukee ) public television auction . It was hard to get a winning bid since they were only in the fund raised . but I did get one . Mike







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Here are some from Berry Pink tournaments.

Dinkybus posted this one.


Dinkybus' thread: Marble King Trophy

Date on that one is unknown. My working guess is 1940 or later but not too much later. Small possibility of 1939. The latest reference I remember finding for Marble King trophies is 1943.

Some 1940's versions.



Grand prize from the tournament at the NY World's Fair.


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