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Pelt Help Please


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Thanks John

I just got back home

as soon as I got in the car I said to myself, dumbas bumbledeere - jus that

its mostly bumble but yep hybrid

I,d already hit it with the light and the black and green throwd me an




i's been moved

well while your looking at pelts.




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David, this looks like a pretty interesting pelt for sure. The base is yellow and the other color or two colors looks like green and black. Ok now look with a bright light and see if the green is a deep green that looks black or is the black seperate from the green? Ok now does the marble have av in it also? Let me say that anything is possible with peltiers production runs they sold out to the public. Let me know what you find with my questions please. Chuck G--

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David, Charles does have a very good point and so far most of the pelts and he will most likely agree with me on this specific John Deere type are mostly green and deep green transpoarency to the greenish part of the marble. Ok with that said, its a keeper "IF" it is and actually has "SEPERATE" black to it. I have never seen one yet with these three color combos and Charles will attest to that probably also, not saying it could very well be possible and with peltier anything is possible. Just my opinion from all i have come accross and seen. Chuck G--

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Tough marble to see.

black ribbon, green outline, black surface trace line.

I'm pretty sure its two if not ?

a ("wad") that hadnt blended properly yet??????



I say Hybrid - The Black / Green throwed me because it gives that blend appearance, because they are, ribbon color change taken place,

its what had me on the "Green" Question" if they are together....then yello -- wrong.

Yellow base Black & Green ribbon - hybrid - wouldnt they (bumblebee - JD) most likely be run close to one another?

seen a lot of BB's lot of JD's, this one transition.


thanks in advance,

please keep looking


I'm very rusty, please bear with me.

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David, yes thats another thing to look at that i forgot when trying to help you on this one. Lets say they were running JDs at the factory and decided NOT to shut down for another run and just brought the black in after the green and its possible to have "BOTH" colors present in the marble and i have found that myself. Some thoughts you might ponder on. Good thread and good discussions so everyone has a chance to learn. Love to see the marble in hand at one of our shows here if you ever come this way. Chuck G--

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