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Hello From Ro

Ro Purser

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Howdy folks! I thought I would drop in unannounced and unbidden [hopefully not unwelcome!] to show you all what I have been up to lately. I have been asked for several years if I was ever going to get back to making smaller, more affordable marbles. This is the answer! Yes!! The only reason I haven't made them before is that there is only so much time in the day. Given the chance, I will usually make the most interesting, challenging thing I am capable of. Since I have had a market for the large ones I have just kept making them. Now, to be perfectly honest, that market seems to be a bit slower to respond. What to do?????!!!!!! Come up with something that satisfies my personal need to make something interesting, worthwhile, different, something to be proud of in all ways, and ............. less expensive. I targeted a price point and went to work last summer to come up with these. I wanted to get back to my marble roots but use my Murrini skills as well. That's my contribution to the history of Contemporary Art Glass. So is scale and most importantly, depth. Since nothing says "marble" like stripes and ribbons, I spent a lot of time experimenting with these 3-D ribbons. Combining the free flowing ribbons with the Murrini was the fun part [i guess just one of the fun parts]. So here you have it: the preview of my new series. I call them "Fifty Fives". they are between 2 1/4" and 2 3/4" and sell for $550 to $700 generally. I am selling them personally and also thru Glass ORBitz. Thanks, Ro









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Hi Mike and Galen. Thanks. I'm real happy with them and excited about where I can take this. Mike.. isn't a link something in your sportster chain? If people want to contact me get my e-mail from a friend or call and we can proceed by e-mail. I live in Clinton. Wa. I'm in the book. Thanks again and thanks also to Lou. Ro

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Hi Ro!

It's been a very long time and I'm not sure you'll remember me. My name is Ashleigh Groeling (Mercy back then), Jim's daughter. Anyways, I'm not even sure if you're still on here anymore but I ran across this site today after my first day of glass blowing class and had to say hello. My instructor says she knows you also, her name is Ruth King. 

I hope you and the family are well! Lots of love! 


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