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Red,white,blue & Green Catseye ??


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hi everyone, i have this catseye marble, it has wierd colors of red, white, green & blue. it's approx 1 inch or maybe alittle over. my question is, does anyone no who made it? and, i think the green is made because of a "ghost" red color mixture floating with the blue? not sure but it looks pretty cool !! is this japan? or someone else? thanks for any help !! ...........terry


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:P Hello everyone, I don't know how or why my name is up on this post? Strange. <_< This is the first time I even went into this message no more than 10 minutes ago. And here I am checking it out and see my name and avatar. With no posting.just my name moonlightsharon and the picture of the marble I chose for my avatar. So I decided might as well right something and not leave it blank. So here I am..

Wishing all of you at Marbleconnection A New Year that brings you happiness through out the year.

Sharon :party-243:

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