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Imperial Agates Wediscount2

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Just wondering why the oxblood marbles would be considered imperials?

Because back then we did not know much about the names.One of our little gathering member"s came up with imperial Agates and Sue and I just started lumping that type base glass and colors into it's own little storage box and kept adding to it. Thanks, Ronnie
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Possibly because of things like this box? ??


Steph, Thanks for coming to my rescue by showing your lovely box of jewels. In this box the 4th row over going left to right and then going 4 marbles down is what we use to call a blue onyx marble. They themselves are pretty hard to come by but a green onyx (green replaces blue) is rare. If you find one of these types at all more often than not the brick (oxblood) color will be more of a red color. A true green onyx with brick is as rare or rarer than a Cobra and much rarer than a Guinea. I have only seen 2 of them (never owned one) and I have seen millions of marbles. Thanks, Ronnie PS going to send a photo here in a few minutes of me and my wife's collection of this lovely Akro Agate family of marbles. (by gathering and seperating you learn the different marble families.)
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Akro sure did like to use the same name for different marbles Imperials Moss Agates Cardinal Reds Fire Agates etc etc. They sure didn't care about us future collectors and the name game :) . Yes, that last sentence was a joke. I think the true blue eggyolk oxblood is another super hard find. I have only seen them with really weak eggyolk.

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Were you the first to use the term "corkscrew" to describe Akro's spiral marbles?

If not you, do you know who named them?



Hansel, nice to hear from you. I really do not know who tagged them with that name. I do know that when Sue and I first started collecting we called the that but that's pretty obvious as to their simple design. I'm sure hundreds of people called them by that name long before there were any books on the matter. I know Earl use to call them snakes. Sorry I could not help you out more. Ronnie, PS: went and grabbed my marble book and there was no additional helpful info in it as well. Stay in touch.
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