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You Gotta Love Contemporaries!!!

Rylee Burch

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Rylee, I can't name my favorites. I would hurt a lot of feelings. LOL! I have loads of favorite contemporary artists and marbles. I don't know in what order, but if I had to name some, among them would be Kevin O'Grady, Andrew Brown, Rich Hollingshead, Josh Mazet, Hot House Glass. Kris Parke, Geoffrey Beetem, Gateson Recko, Josh Sable, Sammy Hogue with Julia Powell, and my first love Robert L. Hamon, Mark Capel, Ken Schneidereit, David Salazar, James Alloway, Eddie Seese, and lots more.

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wow, nice ones.

I have 10 mark Matthews gumballs, 1 larger Matthews gumball, 3 Matthews big rainbow swirls, a turquoise blue bubble, and a Matthews solid core.

I have 6 josh simpson planets and a gravitron.

I just love the little matthews gumballs, so simple but so bright.

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jlmoriarty - RLH is Robert L. Hamon. He has no children working in glass. His son was in the medical field and his daughter does not do glass. His older daughter Diana did work in glass but she died shortly before Bob Hamon died. Bob's sister Dorothy Hamon married John (Sonny) Miller. Sonny Miller is the father of John Hamon Miller and Boyd Alan Miller. John Hamon Miller has recently moved to North Carolina and still works with glass. Boyd is no longer working.

Robert L, Hamon's father was Okie Hamon (O.B. Hamon). Okie had several children - Leo Hamon (deceased) who married a sister of Sonny Miller. As far as I know they had no children who worked glass. Richard (Dick) Miller promoted Bob's (Robert L. Hamon) marbles. Dick worked in the aluminum industry and lives in Florida. The youngest son Don Hamon worked for an aluminum company and at retirement returned to glass working. He worked with Bob Hamon at Scott Depot, Boyd Miller at Tamarack and is now working at Tamarack with John DesMuehls. Dick and Don have no children working in glass.

Now it gets complicated. Okie Hamon had two brothers who also worked in glass, Odis known as O. D. Hamon and O. C. Hamon (Orville). O.C. Hamon's son Joe Hamon is quite well known in the glass field. He is retired. His daughter Cheryl Lyn Hamon Jackson works with the torch in Colorado. Joe Hamon's son is trained in glass working, but not working at it. None of the family I know has any recent knowledge of what became of Odis Hamon. Their last information was that he moved to California and was a stand in for Fred Astaire. Odis was a good dancer. They do not know of any descendants of Odis. Hope that helps.

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Sissy ~~ "Now it gets complicated." That should have been your first sentence!!

How in the heck do you know all that — you must be a relative! LOL!

It is John Hamon Miller that I am thinking of (son of Sonny Miller). Unusual that he (they) would have given his (their) son his wife's maiden name -- hence my confusion.

Anyhow, somewhere I have a bunch of JHM's marbles. I don't think I ever got any of Sonny's work.

Do you know where he is in North Carolina?

many thanks,


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I love the RAZ marbles. Cal should have been on my list. I have a whole shelf of RAZ creations. He used to make for me whatever I suggested. Cal hasn't been active in quite a while now.

Weldon and I used to spend a good bit of time in the studio with Bob and Don Hamon. We also spent a lot of time at the home of Sonny Miller and the studio of Boyd Miller. We went to john's show n Hannibal, Missouri several times too. We did many visits to Tamarack to see Boyd and Don Hamon. We even went to Gibson glass to see Don when he worked there. They all shared history with me and I have one of those minds that remembers. I later met Cheryl Hamon Jackson on the internet. She didn't know the WV people were her relatives until I asked her if she was Joe Hamon's daughter and it all came together. She and I have done Tucson Best Bead together for the last two years. I'm in touch with Sonny Miller a lot. I still go by his home when I drive to WV. Weldon and I were close to Sonny. Now Sonny and I share a common loss and also a concern for one of his sons. Just last week on Facebook, because of Marie Miller Hoffman and Cheryl Hamon Jackson, I met Don Hamon's daughter. Now we all want to get together in WV.

About John Hamon Miller's middle name. John was John Miller Jr., named for his Dad. There was a mddle name, but that I've forgotten. About the mid 90's Bob Hamon thought John was doing "knock offs" of his marbles He became upset with his nephew and threatened legal action. Bob began signing his name differently to prevent John using the name to sell marbles. John decided to legally change his name. He asked permission of his Dad, Bob, and Don. All agreed that his mom's name was Hamon and he was entitled to use it if he wanted so gave permission. Weldon and I thought it was odd and wondered how Sonny felt about it. Sonny did not mind. When I asked Boyd if he was going to change his name, the answer was "Hell no".

I am not a relative though some of the Hamon's think my WV ancestors might have been related. I've never found evidence of that. I am a close friend and they could probably tell you as much about Weldon and me as I know about them. I love the Hamon's and Millers.

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