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M.f. Christenson Slags?

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slags004.jpg ... here's a 1 7/8" amber. the blue at 1 5/8" , i think, and a green at 1 7/8". correct me if i'm wrong. i've seen a white at 1 7/8" .. wayne sanders ... very hard to find in mint and expensive. bill
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Pretty sure we've seen them up to something like 3 inches. For use as pump valve balls? Won't swear to it ... but I'm pretty sure.

This is from an MFC advertisement. How big is size 10? That's probably not more than 1 3/4" is it? Hmmmmm. But I still think I've seen it.


Click for larger view: http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o151/modularforms/mfc/MFCBooklet8pp10_11.jpg

Edit: Never mind! Bill was posting while I was off looking .... :)

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some of the very large ones were found inside old toilets, they were used as part of the early toilet systems. Another interesting note, very large german handmades are sometimes found inside old dolls, the manufactures used them as weights inside the dolls.

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