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New Marbles In February

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I can't go to Tucson and not bring home a new Kevin O'Grady. This year i added Kevin's Flower Garden Vortex


The cap of the marble (larger than 3 inches) is decorated with silver and blue aventurine


There are new flower milli's in the cap


The rose is a new flower milli this year and also the large yellow flower


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Some time back I purchased an eagle murrina from Ken and Sonya Schneidereit.


I waited and waited to see what Ken would do with this murrina. Finally he put a marble on ebay and I had to have it.

The marble is called "Eagle Tapestry"

eagle-marble.jpgeagle-marble-2.jpgeagle-mar-8.jpgeagle-mar-6.jpg Opposite the eagle murrina are eagle feathers with glass woven in a tapestry pattern between the eagle and the feathers. There is depth in this marble that my pics just won't show.


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I had been working on some Vitro Agate for a long time, trying to fill bracelet boxes with 16 of each. I finally filled my boxes with pea family marbles.

Sweet peas


Black Eyed Peas


Biscuits and Red Eye Gravy



And this unnamed member of the pea family.

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Thanks for posting those vitro pix! Your bracelet box photos are a great reference tool for new collectors like myself. Seeing several of the same type of marble allows you to see the subtle variations in color and structure.


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