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500 Million Up For Grabs, Whos Up On A Group Buy In?

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Mega Million jackpot is up to 500 million ,,just asking if anyones interested, i pm'ed lou to get the ok, but hes probably busy and time is running out. sure would be nice if we could all increase the odds of winning that big beast as a group... speak now next drawing is friday,,, bj

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10 dollar mad money buy in,, paypal it to someone other than me because right now im broke or close to it,,

you get one shot its 10 bucks,, the person will have to buy all the tickets in their state and scan tickets,, there has to be a cut off time lets say 2 pm friday afternoon , this is so who ever does it can scan all tickets for everyone to see,,

if 25 people sign up and pay thats 250 chances at hitting the jackpot,, 500 split 25 ways is,,,, alot,,,i would do it but i can only draw out 200 bucks at a time via paypal credit card so if this slows to a stall here by friday or even picks up i dont have enough to buy the tickets,,,

im in for 1 shot 10 bucks,,, i hate being poor but i dont need all 500 million,,, lol

just imagine if one of us hits it, marbles would be on the front page of every newspaper,, yahhhhhh,, smile

you can gift the money through paypal no fees, i dont think

we need a trust worthy ticket collector and i can help if you need it

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I would like to be in it who wants to collect I got my money ready let me know sounds like a cool idea. I think if we did a 5.00 per person more would come in. I'll help with scanning if someone needs help I just got a new all in one copier printer scanner and just love the pictures it prints.....It was pretty cheap 100.00 Kodak ESP 7

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