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Some Of My Favorite Marbles I Made.....

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I wanted to make a marble for myself. It came at a time when I made 30 name marbles for a company party. I cut each person's name out of very thin copper using an eXacto kife and each person had their own personal marble to take home. I made a bundle of money that year fro this job!

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lol Stacy... there are several ways to make adventurine smaller that the chucks it comes in.

1) mortar and pestle grinding

2) heat it up in an oven at the highest temperature then let it soak for an hour, then drop it in ice cold water

3) mechanically hit it with a hammer in some type of containment box

4) get it hot at the torch then on a metal punty pull it into hair like stringers

5) encase it in clear, then pull stringers

I've tried all 5 ways and like the m & p the best.

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Rich, you said Perris and made me homesick..just a few miles apart..

Scott, i wish you'd quit hating me so you could make me a marble, i love your work.....

Hansel, show us the marble....please......

The marble says "F**k you Hansel" in remelted oxblood.

Do you really want to see pics of it?

If so, I'll have to get it out of the bank vault and take some pics.

It'd be easier (and prettier) if Rich made one for me cut out of copper.

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lol... it might be cool to see it Hansel - just for laughs. Once I had a parent award me the asshol* teacher of the 1st semester because they said I demanded more than their son could do (he earned a "C" grade). By the end of the year though, they gave me $50 gift card for a restaurant because they loved the "A" their kid earned (he earned it too) and told me I was the best teacher he'd ever had...lol.

Also Hansel - PM me about the copper mib and the specifics of what you'd like to see.


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