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Onionskins With Original Gapey Pontils

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Maybe against popular opinion, I believe many of the old German hand mades have gapey pontil marks done at, or soon after the time of making.

This one is 1 5/8ths






Pics 1 and 2 with flash, pics 3 and 4 in daylight showing pontils and surface wear, pic 5 further surface wear.

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Don't know if it's true but i read somewhere,when the hand mades arrived in America,that the pontils were a sort of polished to make them smooth.

Or maybe they were polished in Germany,when they were meant for the US market.

Anyway i didn't find them here with open pontils.


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I have seen many onionskins with one open ground pontil and even a few slightly open top poles. I have also seen tons of obviously polished open pontils. If a description says the marble is polished enough to remove damage does it even really matter if a bit of a pontil is left?

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