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Can Some One Post A Marbleking Kato Or Cato????


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The laughing/jumping teal marbles graphic is perfect here!

I don't own a single Marble King.

I hope to, some day.

There's a certain 'look' that's impressive.

If it's polite to shift the topic at this point I'd

like to ask about the Marble King 'Superman'.

(I think.) (Maybe 'Spiderman'.)

I'm under the impression, but haven't confirmed, that

some of the 'older' versions of these have a similar

pattern to picture #3 in Steph's response.

I call this a 'striped patch' but don't know what others do.

Saw one years ago with beautiful oxblood, and

unfortunately it became the 'one that got away'.

If anyone's familiar with the history of these marbles

I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks, Bob ( :

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