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Hi all,

I created a site where I can easily upload and track my marbles collection and share with others.

Then I figured it wouldn't be too much extra work to open it up, so others can use it, to upload and share their own collections.

Would any of you mind helping to Beta test it? Let me know if you see any bugs or errors?

Specifically: by creating an account and uploading some of your marbles?

The site is:


(it does require a new-ish browser, flash and javascript to run fully)

Regards, --Joe

(P.S. -- I did pre-clear this with Steph to make sure it's OK to post here!)

(P.P.S -- I added a link to The Marble Connection forums, in the "Links" section of my site!)

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I put a couple marbles up for sale on the website. If there is any interest, I may put up alot more for sale. They include: Peltier Superman, (3) Peltier Christmas Trees, Peltier Rebel with metallic, Peltier K&M, MK Dragonfly (vintage, htf), an ultra rare MK Spidermelon Oxblood, more MKs, some Akros, a couple CACs plus a few slags, some more Peltiers, Jabos, Comics, Mineral Spheres, a few Vitros, Catseyes.

I am reducing my marble collection to a bare minimum, so there is some good stuff for sale.


I added a PayPal shopping cart to the description, but I guess that's not allowed on the site because it doesn't appear in the description. So anyone interested will have to contact me.

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Just looked a little and see a few sales . might be a place to use .the Trophy got a lot more than I just got . Mike




collections_icon.png« Back

National Tournament Trophy

given to the 16 final players. Plaster filled bronze.


Lstmmrbls has marked this item as "SOLD."

Sold Price: $4,500.00

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