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Marble Buddies First Edition


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No one has posted Marble Buddies Holiday Edition so here are some of the Sammy's Mountain Marbles made Nov. 6, 2012. It's a great group and we made some pretty marbles. Dave McCullough, Sammy Hogue, Richard McKnight, and Tom worked hard for us.


These were named "Nola" for Nola Morgan. They were the first marbles with color to come down the rollers. They are lavender and green on white


These marbles are peewees and most of these have cold rolls.

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  • I will show a few of the lutz marbles next. The lutz is mostly in wide ribbons. We also did sprinkles. Lutz and sprinkles were applied by David Griffie. by the way Griff, if you're reading this I did find one of the marbles you want sent back so you can polish it. Not shown here though.

lutz-123.jpg Lutz 1, 2, 3

lutz-456.jpg Lutz 4, 5, 6

lutz-78-frit-9.jpg Lutz 7, 8, Frit 9

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