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What Is/was This Creature Of Darkness?


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Seems more flattened on one side (the one with the decoration), although there are a lot of large flakes that have taken it out of round elsewhere, but definitely squished/flattened on that one side. I would be tempted to say the face was once a door knob, but the backside has nothing to mount such with. It came in a lot with some very old marbles like a banded agate, and a couple of large Benningtons.

Edit: Maybe was something like these door knobs (since converted into wine stoppers)


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I put a super bright light under her and while she is entirely dark when viewed from the side, if you view from the top directly above where the light source is, she glows a deep amber.

I do not see any bubbles or formations inside; I think the damage combined with the opaqueness makes that impossible to see even if it did exist.




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