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Antique Clorox Bottle


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You read the title and you're here.

So no 'sass' from you, young man or lady!

This is a 'freeze' from a recent bleach commercial.

There were multiple pictures of toilets, and the

narration gave a different 'popular' name for

'the throne' with each image. Something struck

me when this one flashed by, so I took a closer

look. First off, the bottle (jug) has an old 'look'.

Second, it certainly appears to be glass, which

just doesn't happen anymore. And brown glass!

Have no idea if bleach needs to be protected

from sunlight, but ass-uming that this is so.

Third, although the picture isn't high-res enough

to tell, the wider/thicker bottle-top structure

suggests that this is a cork 'topper', even though

it sort of looks like a metal screw off cap here.

If I can ever afford a therapist, I'll be sure

to ask why I find things like this so interesting! ( :


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Isn't that outrageous? Thanks for the link!

Never strayed from my beloved soda bottles before,

but I just sorta liked the retro feel here.

No idea if the green porcelain was meant to give a

hint at a specific 'time frame' or if they were just

winging it with whatever looked good. Definitely

remember that style of lino for the floor from way

back when. ( :

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One of the most common bottles found when digging dump site(Purex is another) Older sites seem to contain more meat sauce and seasoning bottles and stomach medicines. The old non-refrigerated meat had to be covered in something to make it edible. Then you had to sooth the gut!

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The "4 fingered" handle indicates the jug was manufactured between 1959 & 1962, which makes it a screw-top. Prior to '59, the brown jugs were manufactured with the smaller "2 fingered handle". Your post tweeked my curiousity, searched w/Google.


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