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Anyone Familiar With Millefiori Marbles?

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There is one one Marblealan's reconstructed ID guide and it shows no pontil on top of the marble. Were these single pontil marbles?

I have one, I think it may have been polished as there are no pontils and on the side the cane is starting to be exposed.

The canes go all the way through the marble. Is there anyone who is known for making contemporary millefiori cane marbles?

This marble is just over 3/4" or 25/32"






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I thought the Chinese marbles only had the Millefiori on the surface and not all the way through. Am I incorrect on this?

Besides that the only other issue I would have with Chinese manufacturing is that the marble is quality glass.

Chinese glass always seems to have undissolved chunks and unwanted air bubbles because they never cook the glass long enough.

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"Ground" is the word which came to mind when I saw the marble in the OP.

I don't really know the process so I didn't want to say anything.

I have an awesome ground marble from Chris Juedemann. (Repeating that disclaimer that "at least I think it was ground". Edit: yes, definitely ground. I looked it up.) Sides as fascinating at the ends. Sweet.

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Here's an example of a Juedemann ground murrini marble:


Some of his later works are here: http://www.glasskitchen.com/port/

Here's his facebook page if you want to catch up with some of his more recent work :)


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It is Chinese. I first bought some of those around 2003 or 2004. I bought 100 of them for $50. Got them from Village Originals at the Tucson Best Bead Show. They come in lots of pretty colors. We sold them for $1.00 each. I saw others selling them for $10.00 each. Gerry Colman does really pretty contemporaries and they are much better than the cheap Chinese ones. I'll try to post some for you.

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