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What Is This Marble Worth??????

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I do know Hot House work. I've had this lotus a long time. i bought it in Vegas direct from Brett Young, His glass partner in Hot House is Larry Zengler. At the time I bought mine, they had only made 2 of these. I bought the "good one". Bo Stiff bought a slightly defective one. Mine is much prettier. Bo sold his and made a profit. I still have mine and it's not for sale. I don't know if Brett and Larry have made more of the lotus. I would expect to pay 200 to $300 for this marble. They had a lot of failures making the two I know of and had not made anymore. Contact Hot House to find out today'sl price. I've had mine a while.

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Pondering the question –

What is this marble worth?

It is not just a single question but a series of questions that must be carefully answered to reach the final answer of what the marble is worth.

- What is the purpose of the value? Are you going to add it to a collection or purchase it for resale? Do you want to insure it in case of damage or casualty loss?

- Who else wants the marble in question? What is its Wow factor? Why do other people want it?

- What value does the seller have on it (indicated by the reserve)?

- How far are you will to go and what will you sacrifice to hold the marble in your hand and loudly proclaim “This is my marble! I overcame all other marblists to be the only one that possesses this specific marble!”

Good Luck and happy bidding!


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This one is a nice example of our "Lotus" design. Edna was correct in saying that these are a very difficult marble to make and that's the exact reason you won't see many. We have not done any in several years due to the very limited success rate that we have in getting them to match our expectations. My guess is that we probably only get 25% to look the way we want.

I wish that the pictures on the auction were of a better quality so that you could see how nice the top of the marble looks. Regarding the price, the marble would have retailed in 2007 for $125 - $150. If we attempt them again and have better results, they will cost significantly more due to the time and frustration involved.


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