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Ot-----Gutta Percha

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Where did you buy those? The fish market must have been open. Send me the pictures of Wilbur when Jeff catches him. Just for your info,i hear there may be good spot near church island. You may have to hire a guide as i also hear that it takes a good captian to not hang up the down riggers. Hope you have good weather. Tell the other three i said Hello. I am sure moose gravy is growing and still chasing the bugs and worms. He may open a bait shop in the future.

I do hope to return,sometime soon.

Enjoy !

Be safe on the water and the road home.

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The weather is chilly and damp,but Im all warm and fuzzy,after another good day today.No,not fuzzy like a 2 day old,dead shiner!-LOL

Im thinking Conn. is on the way home too.Might have to clean out some fishing hole around Bobs.

Well,you know,Ron,the bass will be hitting in July.How much you charge to haul a Hillbilly Bass Tracker to NH?--LOL

Yes,its a bad pun,but it was good enough to make you look!

Here is todays catch.Spent the whole day,fog/rain/more fog and rain.------LOVED IT!


How about some "Live Action".Pretty tricky holding the rod and snaping the shot.


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>>Im thinking Conn. is on the way home too.Might have to clean out some fishing hole around Bobs.<<

You can have your lakes and rivers with your piddling little fish. We only fish in saltwater here for big fish :-) Let me know if you need a guide for the Far Mill River or one of the local lakes, I'll take the day off.


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Its the same way in NH.If its not a trout or salmon its junk.Thats ok,Ill clean up all the "trash" fish.

Nice striper.I like hooking up with them in AC. NJ,off of the stone jetty.

Ive never met a yellow or white perch that I didnt want to add a little breading too!

Going to dodge thunderstorms today on Winnipusaki,,,,,Maybe.When its your time,it your time.At least Ill go HAPPY!

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well, sorry about the thread steal but im working on getting better, i won my second appeal and when i did the card came a few days later, that judge musta told them off because now they want to go all the way back from when i was in the hospital in 08, i think,,, lol, im trying to decipher their kissing my ass letter,, im pretty sure when they say they should have done something for me by repeating a Example: this guy VS this guy, in the letter im pretty sure thats a legal term that they did me wrong all these years, anywho, im in the process of going to doctors in hopes it isnt to late, the cardioligist i met with, well, the only 2 words i remember was ticking timebomb and then, doctors will probably run away from me,, lolololol, not to encouraging,,lol,, but i go back in for test in hopes to see if my heart can make it through an operation,, at any rate i have a long road ahead of me, but at least im on a path now, something i can follow,, thank God,,,,

ps sorry bout the thread steal Griff.

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Ha! So there really is a 'lake trout'!

In the Baltimore area you see lake trout for sale all over the place.

But we smarter guys know that there's no such thing :blush:

and that it's just generic fried white fish.

Thanks for clicking my knowledge up a notch. Nice fish!

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